Building Firm Foundations

Our casino experience covers the UK, Eastern Europe, Moscow, South America and the Caribbean. During 30 years our consultants have been involved in casino set ups in the UK and Poland, tender processes in South America and business development in the UK.

From the first steps right to opening night and beyond, we can provide your casino with a full project development service.

Business Development

The purpose of business development is to gain new customers and to penetrate existing markets. At Casino Marketing Design we can assist your company during both the preplanning stage or during operations by researching current market activities, intelligence gathering on customers and competitors and preparing your business model. Our aim is to assist you to fulfil your casino's full potential.

Player Development

Casinos fight for their high end customers just like any other business - however it is normally the grind action customers who get forgotten. Casino Marketing Design's consultants will work with your in house casino hosts and marketing execs to recognise a player's worth and help build that player's loyalty to your venue through both CRM (customer relationship management) and personal contact.

Game Development

The choice of games available to your customers grows daily. With the wide range of gaming available online, casino operators need to recognize that the traditional games of roulette and blackjack do not hold your customer's attention as much as they used to. In order to make games more interesting, new side bets and progressive jackpots for example are being introduced.

Management Contracts

Under a management contract, CMD provides expert solutions for casino projects, tailor-made to your specifications. These contracts can range from the management of an existing casino to the establishment of a completely new casino project, from evaluation and planning through to construction and management (operation) of your completed casino.

Restructuring & Streamlining

Corporate restructuring is necessary when your casino needs to improve efficiency and profitability. A restructuring strategy involves the dismantling and rebuilding of areas within your organization that need special attention. At Casino Marketing Design we can guide you through this difficult time using the experience and knowledge gained during 30 years in the casino industry.

Business Networking

Through business networking, your casino venture will benefit from like minded business people. Establishing lasting connections with suppliers, developers, local authorities, community leaders and legal entities including your local gaming commission will bring your operation dividends and we can facilitate these connections.


The procurement process for your operation will have direct links to your financial performance and success. We can help improve your casino's sourcing and procurement practices by identifying KPI's such as early payment discounts, streamlining your list of vendors, monitoring price increases and trends and introducing initiatives to improve purchasing practices.

Project Planning & Management

Project management includes developing a project plan, which includes defining goals and objectives, specifying tasks or how goals will be achieved, what resources are needed, and associating budgets and timelines for completion. Helping you implement the project plan, along with careful controls to stay on the "critical path", ensures the project is being managed according to plan.


Sourcing and purchasing your casino equipment can be a testing time. With so much choice in the current market it is essential that as a new operator you use the advice and negotiating powers of the experts. With our network of suppliers and a track record of trusted negotiations we will can deliver you the best and most up to date game and gaming technology on the best financial plans available.

Recruitment, Training and Personnel Development

A casino's greatest asset is its employees. Without a properly trained team, your casino will not be able to build on your 'firm foundations'. At CMD we have over 20 years experience recruiting, training and developing staff. Dealer training schools, SOP procedures, appraisal systems and development training will ensure that your casino stands head and shoulders above the competition.

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