CMD have over 25 years experience in the international casino industry with our casino consultants well versed in both the knowledge and expertise required to open or improve the performance of a casino in both the UK and Internationally.

A team of casino consultants, we can provide the following services to our valued clients:

Feasibility Studies

The main objective of feasibility studies is to determine whether a certain plan of action is feasible; that is, whether or not it will work, and whether or not it is worth doing economically. Our consultants will review your company's strengths and weaknesses, position in the marketplace and financial situation, your company's major competitors, customers and relevant casino industry trends.

Business Cases

The purpose of a business case is to illustrate the essential value of a proposal and is a vital tool in the process of decision making. The business cases prepared by CMD consultants will help your company make that ever important decision that your investment has value and importance, the project will be properly managed and that you as the client possess the ability to deliver the benefits required.

Financial Forecasts

An ever more important piece of the jigsaw when preparing your business plans and strategies are comprehensive, accurate financial forecasts. Using well researched industry figures and up to date commercial costs, our casino consultabts can provide you with accurate P & L accounts, EBITDA levels, sales forecasts and budgets for a range of scenarios such as joint ventures and management contract agreements.

Competitive Analyses

By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors, your operation will already be taking a step in the right direction. Using competitor profiling and collating as much information about your market will enhance your chances of success. Casino Marketing Design consultants will provide you with detailed analyses, examining competitors products, facilities, marketing activity and media use.

Market Research

Part of the competitive analyses and preparation of any business plan. Our team of marketing consultants will not only delve into the facts an figures held online but also visit locations and talk to the people directly involved in your target area. Using industry standard methods including questionnaires, online and mobile surveys and focus groups Casino Marketing Design can provide you with accurate results.

Licence Applications

Following the introduction of the 2005 Gaming Act in the UK, a new licence application procedure was introduced. Our network of partner consultants in both legal and compliance industries will be able to assist your company to provide the required documentation.

Casino Design

From intial concept to final design, our team of experts can assist you - whether you are looking for traditional or something more up to date. Gaming floor schedules, non gaming facilities including F & B and back of house design are all possible. We can prepare designs to any footprint in line with your ideas or with our guidance and then pass them on to qualified architects in preparation of final proposals.

Strategic Planning

The process of defining your strategy or direction requires certain business analysis. Casino Marketing Design consultants will help you define the 3 key questions by helping you establish your vision, mission and values. In addition we will assist you in establishing your goals objectives and targets which will allow your company to establish a cornerstone strategy in order to survive.

Corporate Structure

Strong foundations are required in any structure in order to keep it steady. Establishing a coherent corporate structure with defined roles and responsibilities will help guide your business to success. Our team of casino consultants will assist you in formatting such, providing job descriptions and key responsibilities for both the executive team and also employees.


In order to ensure your operation is performing to its most efficient, it is necessary to carry out regular audits. These evaluations will help your company ascertian how well it is performing. From financial to compliance audits, we can help you prepare for any official examinations.


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